About Grant

Melbourne style connoisseur Grant Fellowes is the fashion-forward powerhouse behind Instagram and blog GFASHCOLLECTIVE. Aiming to innovate and inspire, Grant pushes the boundaries of style with the exciting and unexpected. He shares his tips on all things fashion, from colour and shape to style and form, and encourages people to have fun with what they wear. 

Through video and photography, Grant creates art. He also explores his passion through writing his own blog and pursuing freelance journalism. He has the knack for covering fashion and lifestyle events in a relatable, genuine and trusted way, where people are invited to come on his journey. 

Grant uses GFASHCOLLECTIVE to give an insider, no holds barred look at the fashion scene – from the quirky and offbeat looks he spies at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week to the decadent, indulgent bursts of creativity that define his experiences of Paris and Milan Fashion Weeks. 

Drawing on his knowledge and first-hand experience in costume design, styling and project management, Grant provides brand consultation. He works one on one with the designers to understand what they want to achieve and who they want to reach, and gives them insights, guidance and strategies to help them realise their vision.

Grant also grows his presence by collaborating with key brands that he himself supports. He takes GFASHCOLLECTIVE that step further by exploring art, music, food and travel with the playful and cheeky flair that has become his trademark.


 Celebrating some of the most exciting creatives in the fashion industry, from photographers, models and designers, GFASHCOLLECTIVE places the talent center stage and shines the light on them to explore the person behind the fashion. 

These are the people raising the bar and establishing themselves as the modern tastemakers. Conversations with pioneering style icons who are leaving a mark on today’s contemporary fashion universe by creating their own individual innate style.